4 Ways to Combat Emotional Trauma

journalisticchic January 11, 2017 0 1 views

Whether you’re battling getting over an ex, not receiving the raise you think you deserve at your job, chasing your dreams with minimal success, financial setbacks or family/friend issues, emotional trauma and stress can plague you. The negative energy used to entertain the issues above can suck the life out of you, literally. Here are four ways to combat your emotional stress and start living your life!

Stay busy – As cliche as this may appear, it actually works. Keeping a full schedule will not only mentally keep you focused, but will also leave you with a feeling of accomplishment at the day’s end. A planner with ink filled pages should be in your possession. From work to exercise to attending events, the last thing on your mind should be stress and drama.

Read – Self help books aren’t among one of the bestsellers in stores for no reason. They work! Often times outside of our friends and family’s opinion we need the advice of someone else. While therapy is very helpful, self help books work just as well because usually the author has experienced what he/she has written about. An emotional, empathetic connection is present through the energy of the pages of experience. An amazing book to currently pick you up is, “You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life”, by Jen Sincero.

Sleep – Lack of sleep can derive from many aspects, but one in particular is stress. Insomnia can invade our nights thus producing an irritable, sluggish disposition the following day leading to being unproductive. Adequate sleep can clear the mind, boost your mood and help with depression. Sleep even adds extra years to your life! Get your z’ssss!

Write – After a much needed vent and/or cry, an additional release could be a mere paragraph written in a diary or journal. Sometimes we don’t want to tell our secrets to anyone. Writing your feelings down on paper is a therapeutic outlet that will help you to accept whatever it is that you are going through. Seeing your problems on paper can also help you to begin deciphering what the next plan of action is on your road to recovery.

As much as it may seem easier to wallow in our sorrows an hate the world, happiness and health is what should always be at the forefront of our minds. Start each day with a smile of gratitude as every day is an opportunity to start over.

Written By: JournalisticChic

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