About Me

Hailing from the malicious streets of Newark, NJ JournalisticChic learned at an early age just how imperative following her dreams were.  Always one to have something to say, writing instantly became second nature. The idea that you could leave an impression by assigning meaning to words was fiercely, fascinating. With a nerving knack for penning her thoughts, she has one mission in tow: to ink the world with words.

Uneasy with the monotony of being confined to a cubicle, desk and chair, she created her own lane immediately after her hectic, dedicated college years. Heating the call to creativity, JournalisticChic was crafted and stimulated by journalism, love, literature, lyrics and a touch of style. Seasoned with sassiness, her desire was to effortlessly just write.  Emotionally jerked, love has continuously rested at the tip of her thoughts. Through chitchats, epiphanies and blatant girl talk, witty, engaging reads are established and entertainment is placed at her dot com. With simple, celebratory undertones, writing is always a party. Motivated by a burning passion to create, her brand was built in 2011.  Her yearning to inspire and be inspired sparked the idea to create a website to solely encourage. Showcasing positivity is the main objective.

Consistently adding experience to her roster, she has perfected her communicative abilities through college professing, public speaking and composing for various media outlets.  Reinforcing the same knowledge she received as a bachelor of Journalism and master of Communication Studies, is not only self-fulfilling but a prime example that with commitment and integrity, anything is possible.

Keeping her momentum going, she speaks girly, gritty and genuinely as the voice beneath the keyboard. As she continues to add meaning to her words, she believes that love is the pure foundation for all things living. Fuel her fire by reading!