journalisticchic August 19, 2015 0 458 views times we hold everyone else at such high levels of accountability that we lose true focus on our own accounts. While accountability is related to many contexts, the focus here is individual. It involves blame, responsibility, liability and expectation.  Where do you fall on the spectrum?

Blame – Finger-pointing can land you in a world of accusations, misconceptions and ultimately, lies. For every action is a reaction and a cause. Conclusively, the root starts with you and how you handle it will place the blame. Confidently, be aware of the situation and its deriatives. The harm it places and the consequences ensued, can be detrimental to not only your livelihood, but others.

Expectation – Humanly, expectation runs through our veins. As likely as we are to chant, “No expectations, no disappointments,” the truth is, it can occur beyond our control. Naturally, we expect the best from ourselves and others, the killer is when different results supersede our desires and intentions. Carefully analyzing our actions can forsee the hurt attached to expectations. Watch your thoughts, accords and actions.

Responsibility – The one kicker we hate to be in front of. It’s easy to take notice of what others are doing but what about you? Are you looking in the mirror? Have you finely combed through you? Full responsibility involves, maturity, sound decision-making and reasoning. Don’t hesitate to be the one FULLY aware of your resolutions.

Accountability is not one for the faint-hearted. It can make or break your integrity, relationships and definitvely, your soul. Aim to always hold yourself first. Every  situation starts with you and your perspective.


By: JournalisticChic

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