Developing Wisdom

journalisticchic January 20, 2015 0 633 views


Experience is life’s best teacher, said many. Education builds well roundness, said them. Knowledge is power, he said. But what about wisdom? Where does wisdom derive? Who teaches wisdom? Is wisdom acquired through someone else’s voice?

Wisdom is learning from your mistakes. Wisdom is making good decisions based off of knowledge you’ve gained. Wisdom is knowing that if you decide to wear that outfit you may attract the wrong attention and deciding against it. Wisdom is knowing if you plagiarize you will get caught and expelled and deciding against it. Wisdom is knowing that no matter how many times he tells you he loves you, if he doesn’t show it through his actions then it’s not genuine. Wisdom is no matter the temptation, opting smart. It is a collection of good judgment, intelligence and knowledge. Situations have to be handled appropriately if you want to be considered wise. As we continue to grow, we must cultivate wise decision-making. It is to the very benefit of our souls.

Can you gain wisdom from others?  You can gain advice from others but the determining factor of wisdom lies in what you do with the advice given. A sound mind births sound judgement. Connect the dots to a better you.

Be wise beauties.

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