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energy-139366_640Ever been in a great mood and then speak with a friend and now you’re feeling down? Your smile has now turned into a frown and you don’t know why. This is energy performing at its greatest. Energy has the potential to change moods, behaviors and thoughts. The reason it only has potential is because we as individuals also have the potential to control energy and not let it overpower us. Here are three ways to successfully interact with energy:

Acknowledge it. The first step in dealing with any situation is to acknowledge it. Accept the fact that the energy is present. Open your mind to it. Feel it and quickly decide if it is for you or not.

Separate Yourself. If the energy you are faced with appears to be negative, you can opt to dwell in it and reap its harsh benefits or remove yourself. This could mean hanging up the phone, walking away, severing ties with individuals and completely cutting communication off. Whatever the method, it is essential to your peace of mind.

Share it. When you exude positive energy it is only right to bless someone else with the same energy you are relishing in. Don’t be afraid to lend a helping hand, offer a compliment, smile or practice a kind gesture all in the name of energy.

Energy’s reaction can attract or detract people to and from your life depending on its kind. Be the energy people magnetize to. High levels of success often start with a thought soaked in positive energy.


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