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image2niaAs a teenager, fashion bled through the veins of Philadelphia native, Nia Roundtree. The idea of clothes, outfits and shoes was enough to ignite her to start reaching for her goals in the industry of fashion. With her fashionable mother as an influence, the birth began.

Pairing her wit, charm and sense of style, the journey, although tough, was destined.

Majoring in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, the knowledge was an added plus to her already insatiable hunger for fashion.

“I used to play dress up in my mother’s clothes,” said Roundtree.

While Philadelphia is supportive, she yearns for more but is pleasantly satisfied with the support system of friends and family on her side. Not only have they been influential, but they have proved loyal to her myriad of dreams. With that kind of support, Nia is well on her way.

Utilizing social media in relation to her brand has gained her a good following and platform to express her talent. Youtube outfit pairing videos is one of the many gems she reveals on social media along with interviews and fashion tips. Her inspiration comes from within.

“Inspiration comes from me, I have my own style and I don’t copy. I’m a thrifter, I’m not into labels,” confirmed Roundtree.

Within the competitive rat race of the fashion industry, Nia separates herself by honing in on her personal style and relaying that to her clients. There are many fashion gurus in the world, the differentiation is that she provides looks that are affordable minus all the labels. Among her favorite designers are Michael Costello and Ciera Rogers of BabesandFelines.

Her motto for success is to never give up. Currently, she is working on a phone app for her new online boutique, Fashion Revolve. A slew of pieces for every desire can be found at her new shop. Finding looks for less while still remaining fashionable is the agenda. Her motivation for finally opening the boutique was one many entrepreneurs have endured, a lifeless 9-5 job.

In addition to her hectic schedule, her and a fashion savvy friend recently launched Fame Check TV. This media outlet targets fashion on the streets of Philadelphia, interviews with natives and celebrity interactions.

When asked what career advice she could share to the up and coming entrepreneurs, her answer carried a simplistic tune, “Take your time, don’t jump on the first idea that comes to your head. Be and believe in yourself. “

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