Inspired by Love: The Broken Heart Pop-Up XPO

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Starski the Poet & JSD

As hip-hop laced the air, marginally, the hint of love was effervescent. Saturday, March 25th, The Art of Breaking Hearts Pop-Up XPO and after party set the bar for networking, intimate conversations and musically inspired talent. The host, JimmySoDope, a creative whose vision far exceeds the norm, delivered a platform for the many talented souls across the tri-state area. In the hub of budding flair, Newark, NJ made a statement.

Guest speakers allowed the audience to listen with understanding on topics of passion, building businesses and wealth, following your dreams and never giving up. Everyone was encouraged to greet their neighbor and began a road to success via networked relationships.

Vendors were flowing throughout, merchandising live painting art, clothing, accessories, edible treats and most of all, love. Poets graced the stage to enlighten the audience with mind-blowing words and ideals of life, entrepreneurship, love and the daily struggle. Performers included Starski the Poet, Nuru Subira, Knew Era, Pain Perry, Jewell of Them Cloud Kids, XVII Duke, Premo45 and JimmySoDope.

Chef Nikko, a herbalist, naturalist chef, filled everyone’s bellies nutritionally with his signature BBQ

Chef Nikko

chicken and waffles, fruit and hor d’oeuvres, distinctively prepared to provide energy for the brain and body. Across the room, McDopeMan provided Chicken in a Cup, two flintstone- sized chicken drumsticks that ultimately turned in a melodic chant amongst everyone as the night progressed. As sangria flowed and chatter raised, the event displayed just how much talent resides in New Jersey.

Showcasing his Ep, The Art of Breaking Hearts, JimmySoDope delivered a raw, gritty, soul- stirring performance as the night came to an end. Backed by female MC, DJ Sienna Chanel, there wasn’t a still body in the room. Through head nodding beats, witty lyrics and a stage presence you couldn’t help but smile at, he reminded us just what we’ve been missing, authentic lyricism.

Events of this caliber are far and few in the city of Newark, but with maintained efforts, tight-knitted bonds of achievement are inevitable.

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Dessert courtesy of, “In the Company of Yum”


Jewell of Them Cloud Kids & JimmySoDope


Attendees showcasing their dancing skills


Chicken and waffles prepared by Chef Nikko


Fruit display prepared by Chef Nikko


Displayed Artwork at EIE Studios in Newark, NJ


Broken Heart tee


Artist Shanko365

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