It’s Healing Time: A Meeting of the Hearts

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L to R: Rahiem Allen, Rodney Gray, Kevin Carr and Tray Kearney.

L to R: Rahiem Allen, Rodney Gray, Kevin Carr and Tray Kearney.

Opening with prayer, the first annual event, It’s Healing Time, set the precedence for an inspiring afternoon. On Saturday, June 25, 2016 at the Renaissance Hotel located in Elizabeth, NJ, Tray Kearney introduced a platform for healing. Through various panels and interactive discussion, men and women of all ages were able to start the process of healing from anything they were hurt from including relationship infidelity, finances, employment, etc.

The emcee, author and breast cancer survivor, Robin Devonish led the event with charisma, laughter and her own personal account of infidelity and how she is healed. Through the app Periscope, Kearney has consistently helped women from all different backgrounds and ages, with her 8:30 a.m. scopes. The early morning transparent truths she shares has motivated many to leave any situation that wasn’t or isn’t producing peace. Her tag line, “You deserve the best,” is chanted at the end of every Periscope. This line has given many the extra push to move forward, happily and stress-free.

The platform had one particular theme that was very influential to the aura of the crowd–GOD. Through music, prayer and quoted Biblical scriptures, God’s spirit was intoxicating the room in a speedy way. The event began at 10:00 a.m. and broke for lunch concluding at 6:00 p.m. It was a full day of heart wrenching, spiritual pampering. Kearney, continuously emphasized that the event was not a conference or women’s empowerment event-but was a platform to heal. Continuous recognition was given to Kearney from audience members and panelists on her genuineness, kindness and love.

The first speaker, a 22 year domestic violence survivor, Anita Smith shared her account of abuse. Her chilling testimony led many to tears, but her vigor and strength shined through her smile and moved everyone. The tone of the panels were conversational, honest and interactive. Audience members were encouraged to ask questions and freely communicate with the panelists.  Kearney and 18 others spoke on love, marriage, relationships, abuse, entrepreneurship, sustainability, forgiveness and the necessary steps to heal your internal wounds.

Relationship coach, Trevor Scott detailed his idea of how we process emotions and how we can omit certain aspects to redirect our thinking process. The notion highlights five steps we all encounter and our thinking births the outcome. Event, self-talk, emotion, behavior and outcome. Listen below as he explains it.

L to R: Nikkia MClain of Tene Nicole Marketing, Domestic violence survivor Anita Smith, Nicole Doss of The Prestige Society

L to R: Nikkia MClain of Tene Nicole Marketing, Domestic violence survivor Anita Smith, Nicole Doss of The Prestige Society

Nicole Doss of The Prestige Society shared business tips on how we can take back our lives and eliminate “gremlins” in our mind. “Gremlins shape the narrative of conversations,” Doss noted. She emphasized not allowing others to keep us “safe and small”. She also piggybacked on the idea of positive thinking and the relationship it has with the space we create for ourselves. “Change your thinking. Something in your life is keeping you from your dreams,” Doss encouraged. A couple’s panel, included three married couples who offered advice on faithful, happy marriages. Panelists, Pastor Antonio and Na’tavia Hunt, Jason and Fila Antwine Authors of, and Ministers David and Ronetta Powell dished the details of how commitment, communication and love has guided them down a successful relationship path. They answered questions on their definitions of love, having friends of the opposite sex, coping with blended families and spicing up their marriages. The importance of listening was stressed as well as selflessness. Listen below as Fila Antwine shares her thoughts on love and marriage.

Refreshingly, a male panel dropped a few gems on the audience and shared the answers to the many questions women have. The intensity in the room was at an all time happy high as the women listened intently. Author Kevin Carr, Relationship coach Rodney Gray and Author Rahiem J. Allen represented themselves as strong, educated Black men with compelling opinions on girlfriend duties, sidechicks, friendzones, turn-offs, etc. Watch below in the video as Kevin Carr speaks on dating and friendzones.

Based on the aura of the room everyone was leaving the platform with a new mindset of healing. Tears of joy filled the space all afternoon. Clarity was gained by many and for some the commitment to start a healing process within was established.

Spoken word poet, Regina Poole delivered an emotional rendition of how NOW is the opportune time to let go of your pain and suffering. The poem entitled, “It’s Time” had everyone in awe as we could not help but be moved by her powerful words. As the afternoon continued, awards were given to the panelists for their integrity and healing commitments. The opportunity to patronize the panelists’ novels, t-shirts, skin products and much more was given in the final stages of the event. Everyone was gifted a bag full of candles, sweet treats, skin care products, bracelets and a poem by Neisha Himes entitled, Dear Broken Woman.

The Couples Panel L to R: Tray Kearny, Pastor Antonio & Na'Tavia Hunt, Jason and Fila Antwine, David & Ronetta Powell

The Couples Panel L to R: Tray Kearny, Pastor Antonio & Na’Tavia Hunt, Jason and Fila Antwine, David & Ronetta Powell

As we concluded the event in prayer, Pastor Hunt delivered stimulating words to stay within our hearts as we departed. “You cannot leave here today with all of this knowledge and not change your life!” preached Pastor Hunt.

You can rest assured, knowing that the first “It’s Healing Time” event changed many lives. There is something very impressionable to say about people who unapologetically spread inspiration. Tray Kearney is one of them. Saturday, I began my healing process.

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