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Creative Control. What most musicians yearn for but seldom attain. Netousha Monroe, however, has it in her back pocket. Stemming from a family of artists, knowledge is in place.  At 10 years old, she broke her first role on Broadway and to date the intensity is still burning.

As a native of Richmond, Virginia Monroe learned at an early age what it takes to be noticed. Hustle mentality. Perseverance. Passion.  Fusing the three has allowed her to maintain a steady buzz on the East coast, where she is regularly requested for her melodic voice.

Devoting every second to her music is a gift and a curse. She is missed by loved ones, but requested by fans. Writing her own music, allocating studio time and non-stop performances is ego-boosting for the average musician; Monroe however is humbled.

“Everyday is exciting, fun and challenging. I want to be where my music fits best,” said Monroe.

Realizing that it doesn’t happen overnight, she consistently networks to increase her fan base.  She is in strict competition with herself and focused on telling her story. Empowerment is the motive and passion is the force driving it.

“I want my listeners to feel like they are understood and that they are not alone. I want them to take something positive from my music,” admits Monroe.

Monroe has a July 7th release of her latest project Dear Johnny produced by Def Soul and Ethan Osborne.  Often compared to Badu, Keys and Carey, Monroe prefers to stand alone making a name for herself, consistently advancing her creativity and expression.  The idea is to evoke emotion.

“There is so much to be happy for. I love when people make me cry with their music.  I enjoy the small things in life,” confessed Monroe.

Stay tuned for the release of Dear Johnny on Bandcamp July 7th and check out her music via Soundcloud and YouTube.

Listen to her track “Nothing Lasts Forever” off upcoming Dear Johnny:

Check out her video “Piano Man”

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