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O'dean Banks, CEO S.W.A.C.K. Clothing

O’dean Banks, CEO S.W.A.C.K. Clothing

“I see the world for what it is. The world is divided. I see no love, no positivity and no changes,” he confessed.

With this mindset a movement based on changed evolved. O’ dean Banks, CEO of S.W.A.C.K. Clothing, decided that the world needed a bit more positivity and he was just the man to deliver.

In 2011 during a 12-day military bed rest in Afghanistan, he decided to spark transformation. Banks brainstormed on the detailed changes the world yearned for and upon arrival back to the states he put his plan into action. To begin, a perfect outlet was a clothing line, which could reach masses with an optimistic message. S.W.A.C.K. is the acronym for Street Wisdom and Cultured Knowledge. Banks believes cultured knowledge can initiate change, while street wisdom is what permits survival in this world.

“We have a bunch of rappers, singers, football players, etc. but we have no thinkers. We were born into a certain mentality, but if we open our minds and look at different cultures and communicate as one, we can make a change,” professed Banks.

While manipulation and misguidance is prevalent, Banks plans to weed it out and replace it with education, love and of course, S.W.A.C.K. Banks developed a team to assist in his dream acknowledging that nothing good can be done without a support system. To date, progressive feedback has been received from all over the world.

“It starts with one,” said Banks.

In October 2013, a website was produced to expand their clothing line. Their line consists of t-shirts, snapbacks, sweatshirts, letterman jackets, beanies, cell phone cases and much more for men, women and now children. You can purchase all products from their line as well as stay updated with events. Visit www.swackclothing.org to join the movement.

“I want to talk to the kids mainly. The kids are our future. It’s up to us to build knowledge and wisdom in them, so they don’t get caught up in the hype of the world,” he confirmed.

Carrying a heavy load in the year of 2014, S.W.A.C.K. will be distributing to clothing stores, teaming up with Habitat for Humanity to give back to the community, motivationally speaking to the youth and will be receiving donations to sponsor children who will assist in spreading positivity by wearing SWACK’s clothing. Banks and his team will stop at nothing to ensure the uplifting of our society. Brave and courageous they are.





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