Passionate Rebel: A Community Love Affair

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El-Amin Jumuah, CEO and Founder of Passionate Rebel

“Within fear you have to step out on faith,” he said.

And that he did. CEO and Founder of Passionate Rebel, El-Amin Jumuah shows us exactly what it means to reinvent yourself. After years of recognizing that he was here for a far greater purpose, in 2014 he decided to take the world’s formula for success and add his own little twist. Regardless of what was conveyed to him he still decided to identify with what he desired and pushed the limit against societal standards. Intuitively, he connected the dots to create a brand that we should all get familiar with.

“Is this what the American Dream is supposed to be? I refused to get in that box of where I should be. I wanted to rebel against it,” he admitted.

When we think of rebel, we immediately think non-conforming, monster. Passionate Rebel however, positively spun it into a movement. The mission is to follow your dreams against all odds, passionately. The mental platform set motivates others to keep going, specifically the youth. As a Youth Development Specialist, his mantra screams, ’go against the norm’, but he still recognizes that our youth are in the batting cage as well.

“Today’s youth are battling with a lot so they don’t understand their path. They deal with sexism, racism, single parent homes, political wars, violence, drugs, etc. Sometimes it is difficult to lead, but you have to look for inspiration in yourself.”

Touting leadership, selflessness and generosity, he will quickly get to his destination of success. His focus stretches across life’s spectrum of inability. To reach further platforms, he continuously involves himself in the community. He has spearheaded autism, breast cancer and motivational speaking events throughout the NY/NJ Tri-state area. With youth at the top of his list, he has invaded universities, colleges and high schools all across Newark with a life-coaching message of resilience and passion. His spirit is gravitational.

Accounting his biggest influence to his Dad who is currently suffering with cancer, he admits that he persevered through many things, all in the name of family.

“He is an advocate for education and always pushed me to do better. I admire his courage and his strength. It’s pushing me even more,” he spoke. His surrounding friends have also inspired his continuous growth. “I’m inspired by those around me that I can pick up the phone to call them and say I’m proud of you.”

Always thinking of more initiatives to spread the word, he has landed on his fashion brand which is intertwined with Passionate Rebel. The logo, a trendy, teddybear with glasses is a representation of himself.

“Teddy bears are cute and produce a sense of ease. The glasses and graduation cap represent your vision becoming that much clearer. It envisions growth and acquiring more for yourself.”

You can catch this trendy, teddy bear on the likes of varsity jackets, buttons, v-necks, t-shirts, tank tops, snapbacks, hoodies and host of other apparel at Although his team, consisting of a creative director, graphic designer and musician, he stills finds a way to incorporate the youth in his many projects. He designs every aspect of his apparel, but allows his nieces and nephews to stake a claim in the graphics.


“I’ve always had an eye for fashionable things, but I’m jumping into sewing and the intricate details of design,” he confessed.

Although jealousy may be stirring, he is confident in the fact that he is well on his way to success. Of the many inspiring qualities you can attribute to him including self-reliance, patience and genuineness, his leadership positions him to stay afloat.

“Sometimes you have to help them before you help yourself. You may lose friends and finances, but keep God first and remember why you’re doing it,” he proclaimed.

While the hardest part of his journey has been the financial part, the most fulfilling has been that people understand the movement. With a ton of upcoming projects and vending opportunities—college speaking engagements, outreach programs, and wellness are at the forefront. Documentaries are also apart of the equation as connecting is his aim.

“We have a lot in store. Have your plan stand for something. Give back to the people. We can’t be in the position to take, take, take. No matter what you do, you’re still a service to the world. I don’t care what it is, you’re still servicing. Do more listening than reacting,” he said.

As passion continues to resonate within the spirt of the creatives, you can rest assured that El-Amin Jumuah is paving the way for dream-makers. Don’t sleep!

Are you a Passionate Rebel?

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  1. DQ May 14, 2016 at 8:33 AM - Reply

    Truly inspiring article. We need more men out here like him to encourage our youth!

  2. RuKompas3D July 4, 2016 at 11:14 AM - Reply

    It s about the power of intention. It s about our ability to stay grounded and aligned with what we value most. And it s about the importance of clear communication and deep human connection, rather than attachment to details and perfectionism.

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