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venomiss1Ambitious, talented and unique are just a few words to describe Venomiss. While that word instantaneously makes you envision hissing snakes, this woman has honed a whole new meaning to the word venom, in a grand way. Still maintaining rawness, grittiness with a hint of sass, her genuineness pushes through with mounds of vigor. That name may portray a portion of her spirit, but it magnifies her true musical style. Deriving the name from a childhood friend, it stuck and has since evolved with her. Loving bars and punchlines, it has become an extension of who she is.

“I’ve learned to be so dope that I don’t even care anymore,” she chuckled.

From New Jersey to North Carolina, she is taking the underground female rap game back, she holds the crown of the only female rapper on the label Federal District Records. Claiming her title in 2016, she became the first woman to ever win the Hip-Hop Junky Awards’, album of the year. Constructing the entire album herself, the award was well deserved.

Music became an outlet where she could escape from the struggles of life at a young age. Writing, poetry and reading all came natural to her. Always knowing she was different, at six years old she felt a rush when in front of any audience.  Through family struggles she was fed the strength to write and become her own. Her first freestyle at the age of 16, echoed through the streets of the Bronx, solidifying her skills.

“Hip hop is born from failures,” she said. “I remember listening to Funkmaster Flex running the instrumental on the radio to Biggie’s, “Who shot ya” for five minutes straight. I took a poem I wrote about my family struggles and I started rapping it over the beat.  I said that’s what I needed, a beat. From there, everything I wrote was for a musical beat. That was the best feeling in the world.”

The beat drew her in, the release she felt was what she needed. It was then, that her talented passion was birthed. As a former blogger for various media channels, she learned a lot about the backend of blogging which ultimately helped her become even more successful with her music. Not losing creative control was always her main concern. Staying grounded is how she always remembers what’s important.

“Stay true to yourself as a writer. People will try and pull you in every which way,” she stated.

While opening for KRS One while on a mini tour with Def Jam and Universal Music she managed to land her position with Federal District Records. Real hip hop was present during that tour and the rest is history. As an 80’s baby, she still appreciates new music but acknowledges the good and bad in every era.

“Authentic hip hop is still existent, but it may get whitewashed in the media,” she suggested.

Her advice to the millennials coming up in the game starts with you!

“Feel more superior than the bullshit that you go through. Life is the biggest inspiration that you can have,” she advised.

Success is all about being heard for her. Internationally known she is becoming. She does it all for the people. Her heart is pure and she recognizes every moment of success. Monetary gain is a small piece to the puzzle, it’s more about who she touches with her music.

“The minute I stop failing is the minute I stop moving. I’ve learned to make the moves that make sense,” she proclaimed.

Dedication keeps her motivated. Through it all she still recognizes love as a basis for most things. Love is the foundation of music.

“It’s not what you say or how you feel, it’s actions because feelings change. People treat love like a word but it’s an action. My daughter is my biggest fan,” she revealed.

She continues to stay on the path to greatness and we can’t help but to keep close watch on her for 2017. As women in the industry, it is not unusual to feel hardship or inferiority, but true worth shines through. Underneath the dark skies, light always prevails. From the north to the south, respect is prevalent. Keep it pushing Queen!

Find out more about her at www.Venomissworld.com.

Check her https://soundcloud.com/federaldistrictrecords/sets/venomiss-all-eyes-on-v and  http://www.datpiff.com/Venomiss-All-Eyes-On-V-mixtape.818097.htmlfor her latest album, “All Eyes On V”.


Watch below her just released video on the new album, “Time to Ride”.


Watch Venomiss in her infamous Queen cypher.


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